The Hart of the Home

The Hart of the Home

The Hart of the  Home is a heart warming and thought provoking collection of light poetry in rhyme paired with delightfully illustrated art for the enjoyment of all generations.

A Glimpse of What’s Inside!

The Candy Scene

So cute is the spooky ghost
Standing at our front door.
He’s with his super hero friend
On their Halloween candy tour.
Hard caramels, taffy sticks
or chocolate covered creams.
These two cute Halloween goers
Are checking out the candy scene. 

Blessed Moments

I’m surrounded by pink!
With six eyes and a wink,
My love for my girls is astounding!
Washed, changed and fed and
Then put in their beds,
They’re angels unless they’re all sounding!

Laundry Quandary

Coffee, Tea,
Apple pie or Me?
My husband is in a quandary.
How do I go about cheering him up
when a red sock colored all the white laundry?
Coffee, Tea,
Apple pie or Me?
My husband sees lots of pink laundry.

“The Hart of the Home is a wonderful book of poems that captures real life moments that will have you reflecting on core memories from throughout your lifetime. Whether you were drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate by the fire place or scrambling to finish the day by tucking the kids into bed for the night, each poem brings you to a special time in your life with your loved ones.”